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Auxillary Services

Precision Gear has a variety of auxiliary machines to complement our gear tooth processing machines. Our commitment to reinvestment shows in the purchase of state of the art CNC turning and milling, multi-capability automatic honing and CNC grinding. In addition, we have other machines including tooth shaving, broaching machines, engine lathes and secondary operational type machines. Finishing machines such as glass bead blasting, tumblers and laser etching machines allow us to meet the demanding tolerances and finishes required in this competitive environment. By utilizing our laser etching machine or other part marking equipment, we can offer complete traceability of product, including date of manufacture, material, heat treatment, and operators involved in the manufacturing process. Simply click the tabs to view a more complete description of our Turning and Milling, CNC Grinding, Broaching or Gear Shaving departments.

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ISO 9001:2008 Certified & AS 9100 Certified

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Manufacturing Capabilities
Type of Gear Size Range Pitch Dia. Pitch A.G.M.A. Class Remarks
Spur 3/32 to 36" 2 1/2 to 175 13 Max. 13" Face Width - 26" P.D.
9" Face Width - 36" P.D.
Helical 1/8 to 26" 2 1/2 to 96 13 Max. Max. Face Width 13"
Straight Bevels Up to 34" 1 1/4 to 96 9 Max. Max. Face Width 6"
Dependent on Ratio
Miters Up to 24" 1 1/4 to 96 9 Max. Max. Face Width 6"
Cone Distance 17 1/2"
Spiral Bevels Up to 8 1/2" 4 to 96 9 Max. Max. Face Width 1 1/4"
Dependent on Ratio
Splines 36" Dia. 3/6 to 128/256 N/A Involute and Straight Sided
Worms 1/8 to 12" 4 to 96 10 Max. Single and Multiple Threads
Worm Gears 1/4 to 26" 2 1/2 to 96 10 Max. Single and Multiple Threads


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